Assessment and estimation reports

The correct prediction of the market value of a property requires, even more than the analysis of the technical principles of appraisal, the necessary market knowledge obtained through direct experience as well as parameter comparisons. In this sense one cannot receive anywhere else as informed and experienced elements and comparable case studies as one can from a Real Estate Agent Professional.

Experience and knowledge of the market have since ancient times always been among the fundamental elements of this activity, i.e. commercial brokerage.

Indeed, there is a great amount of information available on the internet today, including statistics, which has finally helped to dispel the fog that until a few years ago made the market very hazy, being decipherable only by the industry’s professionals. It is, however, still essential to recourse to the judgment of an experienced, qualified and impartial professional, in order to get an as consistent forecast as possible when it comes to the market at hand.

The real estate agency “La Tour” provides estimations for every type of need (marketing, divisions, inheritances, loans, evaluations of opportunities, etc.).

For the normal course of a brokerage mission the asset evaluation of the object is included in the service, while the evaluation report required for other purposes can be done for a fee.

The fee’s amount is commensurate with the size of the property being estimated.

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