Among the various effects produced by the severe recession seen on the American housing market we can take into account the positive development of “Home Staging”. This is, essentially, the art of presenting a property to the best of its aesthetic form so as to make it more attractive on the market, both for sale or for lease.

The numbers on the amount of sales of homes made in Italy in the last year are eloquent and they are all, on their own, sufficient in the illustration of the way in which the relationship between supply and demand has heavily been skewed in favour of the latter. Anyone who wishes (or rather is able to) buy a house today will, in fact, find that the choice of properties on the market is significantly higher than it was a few years back. This has, of course, triggered a system of competition between sellers which was so far quite unknown to the sector.

home stagingOn a more competitive real estate market, therefore, prices are not the only aspect which makes the difference. Indeed the quality and aesthetics of the properties offered for sale and lease are becoming increasingly significant.
"Home Staging" is what we call the set of activities put in place in order to make the most of the valuing of a property, where the operations will predominantly bring out aesthetic qualities. The above-mentioned activities obviously require a preliminary evaluation of opportunities seeing as the ultimate goal of "Home Staging" is not only to be able to sell or lease the property, but also, in many cases, to be able to do it better. This is thus a certain type of "investment" which, if carried out, will allow the owner to get a better economic result from the sale or lease of his/her property.

The service contract for "Home Staging", involving upstream custody of the broker task for the exclusive sale or lease by our agency, includes several "steps":

  • A preliminary opportunity assessment and estimate (included in the broker service);
  • Plan and estimate for the cost of the intervention;
  • Three-dimensional rendering (virtual service);
  • Execution of works and purchase of materials.

The "Home Staging" service can be performed, depending on the circumstances and the choice of vendors, in two ways: virtually (presenting the property in original condition but with the project and the budget already implemented, supported by the three-dimensional image rendering) or in reality (if the property is already presented, refurbished and therefore already fully exploited).

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