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Mimma Sabatino

At the age of 20 years old, Mimma got employed to the Piedmont institute for brokerage and when the Aosta’s offices became part of la tour real estate agency in 1986, Mimma advanced on her professional experience in the new agency, of whom she became associated in 2001.

Roberto Nale

Roberto started working for La Tour Real Estate Agency in 1990, at first covering commercial mansions, then becoming office head and at last, in 2001 becoming the legal rapresentative of the company.
Since the same year he associated to F.I.A.I.P. (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate agents), where he covers syndicate activities being president for the Aosta Valley and contributing to the regional board.
Roberto have been prized with a merit certificate during the specializing Master for real estate agents and brokerage consultants at the Genova University in 2005/2006 as well as with the “Maggiali” prize of F.I.A.I.P. Ligury.

Cinzia Carrozza

Front office responsible in Aosta, working at la tour since 2005

Alessandra Latella

Real estate agent, commercial responsible, working at la tour since 2008


Fabio Balbis

Collaborator & Assistant Communications

Valentina Perron e Veronica Nale

Booking e holiday rentals La Tour Cervinia

Saved Properties

Immobiliare La Tour di Nale Roberto & C. S.a.s. – Sede legale: Via Festaz, 96 – 11100 Aosta – P.IVA 00658740071
Iscritta all’Ufficio Registro delle Imprese di : Aosta (AO) – Numero iscrizione presso Registro delle Imprese : 00658740071 – Numero R.E.A. : AO 59280 – Numero repertorio mediatori: AO 257

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