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Until now, real estate agencies have devoted more attention to property owners, especially during the last twenty years (which corresponds to the advent of the big franchise chains). This implies the “acquisition” of offices to sell which has become a real commercial subject for analysis. Some operators have invented methods which are not always orthodox and sometimes almost persecutory, in order to obtain assignments which will fill their shop windows and websites.

The markets, however, are incessantly changing and the recent reversal of the proportion of real estate for sale/buyers has changed the existing scenarios. The way in which homes and their structures are put up for sale, whether they are professional, abusive or worse, have multiplied. For many the search for a property to buy has become a complication that can lead to a considerable waste of time, among other things. Moreover, all of this is not always rewarded by the desired result (if not turned into some very bad experiences).

In more developed countries, therefore, new professionals have come about aimed at facilitating the lives of and reassuring potential buyers, disoriented by an increasingly chaotic market.

The “property hunting” service (literally hunting for property) was created so as to simplify and make life safer for buyers who, faced with a specific mission (obviously temporary and within a fixed time limit), rely on a qualified professional structure when it comes to the search for the property they hope to buy.

Once the desired profile of the property has been established thanks to the designing of a table containing the required parameters (of more or less importance) as well as its feasibility, the agency undertakes to submit a number of properties matching your criteria within a limited period of time (on an average: 40 days). We carry out beforehand all the “work” the potential buyer would have had to do (research, selections, visits, inspections) by adding our professionalism, experience and contacts which will enable the buyer to find, evaluate and select completely correct and safe business plans.

The “property hunting” service offered by the real estate agency “La Tour” includes, in the case of a purchase of one of the selected properties, all the existing provisions within the brokerage service and does not involve additional costs borne by the buyer in addition to the payment of the commission.

The potential customer-buyer does not, of course, have any kind of obligation of buying one of the selected properties. He/she shall only be subject to payment of the reimbursement of the expenses made by the agency (reasonably agreed upon beforehand in documented form).

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