In addition to having good market knowledge as well as evaluation notions in order to properly assess real estate, Real Estate Agent professionals should have basic knowledge of (and constantly update) the set of laws that affect property, so as to properly address the various issues concerning purchasing, selling and renting. Agents need to have specific knowledge of the following issues:

  • private and civil law for the verification of securities and entering into contracts;
  • urban planning laws for the evaluating of a property’s urban situation;
  • tax law for real estate taxation;
  • land registry;
  • technical knowledge concerning the various types of buildings, equipment and installations (energy performance);
  • legislation on brokerage.

The real estate agency “La Tour” offers a consultancy service to those who are not looking for purely commercial activities, but want to go through with a real estate transaction whether it is a purchase, sale or lease (or want to assess its consistency and safety). They can do so thanks to the assistance of a qualified professional.

To the buyer who has already directly found his/her property, or otherwise found a property of interest or to the seller who has already found a purchaser, the real estate agency “La Tour” can provide over 25 years of experience, combined with constant professional awareness in order to help conclude a real estate contract peacefully and safely.

Before you correctly prepare and enter into an agreement, in addition to the services we provide upon registration, the agency will carry out the necessary transaction safety verifications (i.e. check the property documentation and correspondence in accordance with the regulations in force).

The fee we take for this kind of professional advice is foreseeable and proportionate to the complexity of the case.

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