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The Real Estate Agency "La Tour" provides its customers with a brokerage service for the sale and leasing of real estate property for residential, tourist, commercial, craft, industrial, land and building areas.

intermediazioneThe service provided to sellers includes the evaluation of the property and of the potentiality for its sale/lease, as well as the search for buyers through classical broker activity. It also includes the management of real estate portfolios and requests thanks to a specific professional computer program, as well as through advertising on the web, both on the corporate website www.immobiliarelatour.net (Approx. 650,000 page views in 2011) and on several Italian and foreign real estate platforms (only for certain types of property), as well as in print on a local and national level.

The trading service also includes the complete bureaucratic definition of the practice, including the execution of the mortgage and land certified company registration prior to the conclusion of the preliminary contract, the assessment of land register conformity, the verification of urban planning compliance with the aid of a technician (for the most complex cases), the recording of preliminary contracts or the firm's assistance until the signing of the sales deed.

The leasing service includes, in addition to the same type of promotion as the one provided for sales, the choice of the adequate type of contract, its preparation, and the first computerized registration of the same.

Work on the activity of real estate brokerage in Italy

The Italian legislation on brokerage, governed by Articles 1754 - 1769 of the Civil Code, provides that a broker, having successfully fulfilled his/her mission, be paid by both parties by way of the payment of a commission.

Brokering is defined as "typical" when implemented as originally stated in the Civil Code, while in the more modern sense it can be defined as "atypical" due to the increased use of modules and forms (which are essential to clearly and explicitly define relationships between users and brokers, and which must be filled in together with the province's Chambers of Commerce where the broker is located). This has led to the defining of mutual obligations between brokers and users, not foreseen in the original legislation.

The most representative trade unions of each category publish their own "code of ethics" that, given the important social function of the real estate broker, indicate the specific ethics which all operators should follow within their dealings with clients and with colleagues. Unfortunately, there is currently no legislation in Italy requiring real estate brokers to comply with these codes of conduct and this substantial aspect thus remains largely entrusted to the personal sensitivity of individual operators.

The subjects who carry out illegal brokering activities (without being duly qualified and registered in the special register kept by the Chamber of Commerce) are currently punishable by fines amounting to 15,000 Euros as well as through criminal sanctions whenever repeated such activities are discovered.

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